Arts for the Aging engages older adults in health improvement and life enhancement through the arts.


We are a pioneer in arts programming for older adults and a model for excellence in life-long learning and creative aging.


AFTA believes that regular participation in the arts by older adults helps to minimize age-related physical and cognitive impairments, and contributes to their physical, intellectual and emotional health; that individuals have an inherent need to engage in self-expression and that older adults should have access to quality arts programs; that artists trained in best practices can enhance caregiving and healthy aging for older adults.

STRATEGY, 2016-2019:

AFTA will continue to focus on what it now does best: Delivering participatory arts programs, which are artist-led, multidisciplinary and designed to enhance the health and quality of life of older adults. AFTA will provide these high-quality programs in group settings to people who have mild to moderate physical and cognitive impairments and whose access to these kinds of life enrichment interventions is limited for reasons of affordability, availability or the ability to use such programs. As a regional service provider and a recognized national model, AFTA will dramatically expand a range of new partnerships in funding, programmatic research and volunteer engagement. AFTA programs will also increasingly engage community partners, family members, caregivers, volunteers and intergenerational connections. Read more in our Strategic Plan overview, available here.