Research as well as our documented experience demonstrates that regular participation in professionally-led arts programs can minimize age-related physical and cognitive impairments, and contribute to better physical, intellectual and emotional health.

We maintain data from workshops on 13 different health behaviors and measure engagement, social interaction and the frequency with which our participants reminisce. These indicators are key determinants since most of the people AFTA serves have memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, have had strokes, or live with a combination of these and other impairments.

We also observe mood, response, interaction, and expression of participants.

Our recent outcomes include:

  • 89% overall participation, including showing appreciation and social connection
  • 83% of participants sharing memories or imaginative stories
  • 84% demonstrate appreciation for efforts and work of other participants
  • 93% show appreciation to the teaching artist(s)
  • 58% increase in positive emotional behavior from resurging feelings of joy and self-worth
  • 42% increase in peer interaction
  • 8% improvement in upright posture, with attention and strengthened confidence